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6 Health Benefits of Cleaning Your Carpet

6 Health Benefits of Cleaning Your Carpet

March 24, 2021

Everyone loves a clean carpet. Getting your carpet cleaned regularly doesn’t just improve its look, there are a slew of health benefits that come along with getting your carpet cleaned. Here are 5 health benefits that come with getting your carpets cleaned!

Benefit 1: Removes Trapped Pollutants

Carpets retain allergens, particle pollution, gas, chemicals, dander, and dust. All of these pollutants create toxic airborne gases that get caught in the fabric of your carpet. The toxic airborne gases are released into the air when disturbed by daily activities, such as walking or vacuuming. Having your carpet regularly cleaned kills and removes the bacteria and pollutants that cause these toxic airborne gases!

Benefit 2: Improves Air Quality

Along the same lines as having pollutants removed, having your carpets cleaned greatly improves the air quality in your space. It may seem surprising that carpets could have such a great effect on the air in your space, but clean carpets can drastically change the quality and flow of air in your home. 

Contaminants can get trapped in the carpet causing allergies. Cleaning the carpet removes these allergens that then helps improve the air quality. When a carpet is filled with dirt and debris it can prevent air flow, especially near walls. This stunted air flow can cause the rooms in your home to become stuffy. Dust and allergens that have accumulated by not deep cleaning your carpet can also circulate in the air through daily disturbances. The American Lung Association recommends vacuuming your home at least 3 times a week and getting your carpets cleaned annually to prevent these pollutants from building up and helping your space have quality airflow and prevent allergies especially for particularly sensitive family members. Regular cleanings help prevent dust and debris build up and thus helps the air in your space circulate well and stay clean. 

Benefit 3: Prevents Dust Mites

Dust mites are a common indoor allergen. The insects themselves are not the allergen but their fragmented body parts and feces that go unnoticed due to the microscopic size of the insects are what cause allergies. Having your carpets professionally cleaned eliminates any dust mite infestation with steam and prevents indoor allergy flare ups.

Benefit 4: Prevents Mold

When dirty carpets are exposed to moisture that is not dried immediately, it can lead to mold growth. Because the carpet is already harboring dirt and debris, that exposure to moisture causes mold to grow. Mold is known to cause health issues and aggravate allegories. A professional carpet cleaning removes the mold and prevents it from developing. 

Benefit 5: Boosts Mental Health and Sleep

The physical health impact on having a dirty carpet is apparent, but it can also take a toll on your mental health. Knowing that your home is clean can help relieve some stress and help you breathe easier. Regularly having your carpet professionally cleaned eases any stress that may occur due to worrying about the state of your carpet. By having regular cleanings, you are taking preventative measures. Plus having cleaner carpets improves sleep because of the improved air in the room. While you sleep, your breathing becomes slower and steadier and having a clean carpet improves that air quality improving your sleep. 


There are many health benefits to having a clean carpet. Having your carpet cleaned professionally can help prevent indoor allergy flare-ups and improve your overall health by removing dirt and bacteria build up. Make sure to have your carpet regularly cleaned to help improve your physical and mental health!