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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions!

Why should you hire Prestigious Professional Carpet Care vs using store-bought cleaning machines/DIY?

Store-bought cleaning machines/DIY will leave behind a residue that is harmful to your floors and furniture in many ways.

  1. The residue can actually cause your floors and furniture to wear faster than normal.
  2. The residue actually attracts dirt.
  3. The residue can leave your floors and furniture crunchy, sticky, or tacky.

Don’t take our word for it; look at the ingredients label of the product, and it will show some form of detergent, which is what causes the said residue!

Should you use store-bought spot cleaners/removers?

No. Store-bought spot cleaners/removers can also leave behind a residue that is harmful to your floors. They can also cause color loss/bleaching to your floors and furniture!

Is this cleaning process safe for pets or children?

Absolutely! Our cleaning process is green and eco-friendly. It’s safe for pets and children!

Why should you use Prestigious Professional Carpet Care vs other companies?

We offer multiple guarantees, including satisfaction and money-back guarantees! We are the only company to offer a 10 Step Cleaning Process; other companies typically use 1 to 3 step cleaning processes. Don’t believe us? Call around and ask how many steps their cleaning process is. We have faster dry times, and your carpets and furniture are left softer. Our cleaning process will always be 100% residue-free!

What is the difference in our pricing vs other companies?

All of our pricing is 100% transparent, with no hidden fees or charges! We will never offer a low price just to get in your door and then charge you for unnecessary add-ons.

Is our cleaning process steam cleaning?

We offer a couple of different cleaning processes for our customers’ convenience! We offer steam cleaning as well as a hose-free cleaning process, which is a very low moisture process that dries within 1 hour.

What is the difference between Steam Cleaning & Hose-Free Cleaning?

Hose-Free Cleaning can achieve the same results as Steam Cleaning in most cases. The only exception would be extremely soiled carpet. Hose-Free Cleaning is very low moisture and dries within 1 hour. Our Steam Cleaning provides the deepest clean you could possibly get. The dry times range from 4 hours to 10 hours in extreme cases.

Does Prestigious Professional Carpet Care need water access to perform the cleaning?

No. Unlike other companies, we carry our own water supply; therefore, we do not need water access to perform the cleaning.

Does your normal cleaning process remove odors?

Our normal cleaning process will eliminate everyday household odors. If you’re dealing with a strong odor from pet urine or a different strong odor that you just can’t seem to get out, we’d recommend getting our Odor Treatment or the Pet Treatment.

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