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Can Carpet Cleaning Be Unsafe

Can carpet cleaning be unsafe?

September 24, 2021

Having clean carpets is an essential component of maintaining a healthy house. Especially during the winter months, when we spend more time indoors with our pets and family. Dirt, dander, and dust build into the fibers of our carpets, so keeping them clean is essential. Professional carpet cleaning has become a frequent aspect of our contemporary lives, and most carpet cleaners have excelled at their skill. They arrive within the time frame they provide, clean your carpets, and then leave them spotless. Little separates carpet cleaning businesses these days, but one major difference is the chemicals used in cleaning. 

Are the chemicals your professional carpet cleaning service using safe? 

Prestigious Professional Carpet Care only uses green seal certified products when performing any job. They do not use any soaps or harsh chemicals which results in no residue. Other carpet cleaning services use whatever products are usually cost-effective for their company. This results in residue leaving your carpets & upholstery sticky and crunchy, making it dirty faster and of course using chemicals that may not be safe for you and your family. You should always ask the carpet care service your hiring what products they will be using. 

Some of the potentially dangerous chemicals used in carpet cleaning include:

  • Perchloroethylene is a common dry cleaning chemical that has been linked to nausea, dizziness, and exhaustion, as well as kidney and liver damage.
  • Naphthalene is a common cleaning solution that aids in the dissolution of grime. Naphthalene is a pesticide that is produced from coal tar and is widely used to kill moths and other tiny insects. Naphthalene exposure has been linked to disorientation, nausea, vomiting, liver damage, and never damage.
  • Butyloxy Ethanol is a kind of alcohol that may enter your body by inhalation or direct contact with your skin. This chemical has been linked to liver and kidney damage in the past.

Many carpet cleaners utilize hazardous chemicals that are dangerous to ourselves, our families, and our pets. When looking for the best carpet cleaning business for you, seek for one that uses green-certified, non-toxic cleaning methods, has quick drying periods, has positive ratings, and performs an excellent job.

Keep your carpets clean and stay safe by calling Prestigious Professional Carpet Care today at 412-295-3078