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Month: July 2021

3 Signs that You Require Grout Cleaning Services

Is the grout between the tiles in your home filthy and soiled? Grout can get so filthy that regular cleaning is no longer effective. Here are three unmistakable signals that it’s time to hire a professional grout cleaning service in your area.

  1. Discolored Grout The most obvious evidence that you need a professional cleaning service to clean your grout is discolored grout. Because grout is a porous substance, it is nearly impossible to restore it to its former state after it has reached this point.
  2. Recurring Mold – Mold and mildew can grow on tile and stone that is constantly exposed to moisture, especially on the grout. Mold can be removed with a firm brush and a solution of water and vinegar in the early stages. Professional cleaning, on the other hand, will successfully eradicate the growth if it is a recurring issue.
  3. Constantly Cleaning – You keep cleaning, but your tile and grout just keep getting dirtier. If this is the case, it’s time to reconsider the cleaning products you’re using on your tile and grout. The best ways to keep your tile and grout clean are to use a steam mop with distilled water or a neutral floor cleanser. However, once your floor gets to this state professional Tile and Grout Cleaning is especially necessary to restore your floors and your grout.

Maintaining your Tile and Grout with our Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning service is easy. Give us a call today for information on how our services can help you 412-295-3078.

What to do if your carpet gets flooded?

If your basement is flooded, saving your carpet and other possessions from water damage might be a race against the clock. Oversaturated earth around your home, an overflowing river or stream, a damaged sump pump, storm sewer backup, a burst pipe, defective appliance or plumbing fixture, and even seepage through the foundation floor or walls can all contribute to a flooded basement.

What should you do if your carpet floods?

  • Remove the water – If you have standing water, such as in a flooded basement, remove as much as you can with wet-dry vacuums or pumps. You can generally rent a wet-dry vac from a local hardware store if you don’t possess one. If the area is smaller, big towels can also be used to sponge up water from the carpet. Using your hands, remove as much water as possible.
  • Evaluate the carpet damage – Some carpets can be preserved depending on the type of water and the intensity of the flood. Wet cushioning, especially in greywater floods, cannot be stated the same. Carpet padding acts like a gigantic sponge, absorbing bacteria and other hazardous elements from floodwater. You should remove the carpet from the tack strip and destroy the padding as quickly as possible.Remove the rolled-up carpet from the premises. This will also allow the subfloor to dry completely, eliminating additional damage.
  • Call the Experts – It’s best to call the professionals at Prestigious Professional Carpet Care if your carpet padding is wet or worse flooded. We can help you extract water you can see and water you can’t. We can dry carpet, carpet padding, tile and grout, hardwood floors, natural stone, concrete, laminate flooring, and vinyl flooring. Call us today at 412-295-3078 to learn more about how our services can benefit you.