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Dorm Rug Cleaning

Dorm Rug Cleaning

August 17, 2021

Consider your time in a college dorm and recall all the muck, dirt, and germs that accumulate over the course of a year. Unlike in your living room rug, a dorm rug is stepped on, eaten on, and studied on. 

Prep Your Dorm Rug for Cleaning 

If possible remove any furniture that is on the carpet. We know with dorm rooms this may be a hard task because rooms are technically smaller. To avoid life-long stains you should include a stain remover in your cleaning supplies for your dorm room. A little bottle of inexpensive stain remover should last you the entire year unless your rug is extremely huge. 

Note: Before you try any cleaning method, test a small corner first to ensure that chemicals will not destroy your rug or change the colors.

How to Clean Your Dorm Rug 

To clean and restore the look of carpeted floors, cleaning crews should use a professional carpet cleaner. 

College dorms around the country must be cleaned and readied for new students every year. Our team of expert cleaners at Prestigious Professional Carpet Care knows how to clean and prepare whole dorm complexes swiftly and effectively. We have the ability to guarantee that students are as safe and healthy as possible when they move in, thanks to our years of commercial cleaning experience. Contact Prestigious Professional Carpet Care now to work with the industry experts in commercial cleaning!