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Tag: 8 Ways to Keep Your Carpet Clean with Pets

8 Ways to Keep Your Carpet Clean with Pets

If you have a few furry friends in your household, their presence can make it harder to keep your carpets clean. Pets shed frequently, drag dirt and debris inside and around the house, and can cause a myriad of stains to your carpets. But don’t worry! You can take these simple steps to keep your carpet clean in between profession cleanings. The more often you take the basic cleaning precautions, the less drastic cleaning measure you’ll have to take when you deep clean. It can be a daily effort to keep your carpet clean, but it’ll keep it your carpet in better shape and help it last longer.  

1. Wipe Their Paws

One of the easiest ways to prevent dirt and debris build up on your carpets is to wipe your pets paws off when they come inside. You should be doing this even if it’s not wet outside. Your pets’ paws can drag in lots of dirt and debris that can soil your carpet. Keep a clean towel and a small spray bottle of water nearby to wipe their paws when you come inside. Your pets may be averse to this step at first but soon they’ll get used to it and your carpets will be spared the buildup of dirt. 

2. Add a Rug

Placing an area rug in a high traffic area on your carpet is a simple preventative measure to prevent your carpets from getting dirty. An area rug or a runner not only looks good but protects those high traffic areas by catching a lot or dirt that is being tracked through the house. Rugs can also be easily cleaned by being thrown into the washer, which is much simpler than having to take the steps to clean your carpet. 

3. Use a Pet-Friendly Carpet Cleaner

When you do have to take the steps to clean your carpet from a mess or stain caused by a pet, you need to use a pet-friendly carpet cleaner. Pets can be sensitive to certain carpet cleaners, and they can cause irritation of all sorts to your pets. Choose more sensitive cleaning products that are hypoallergenic and avoid anything with toxins in it. 

4. Keep Your Pet Clean

Keeping your pet clean is the one of the best ways to maintain a clean carpet. The cleaner your pet is the less likely they are to transfer dirt and debris to your carpet. Keeping your pet well-groomed will reduce the amount of fur and pet dander in your carpet. Regular washing and grooming will prevent that build up. 

5. Vacuum Frequently 

Having a frequent vacuuming schedule will help maintain your carpet. Regular vacuuming prevents any buildup of pet fur, dander, and dirt build up. Pets shed frequently but a regular vacuuming schedule will their fur from becoming a problem. Don’t forget to vacuum furniture you have either. It’s also good to do several passes of the vacuum over the carpet so that your vacuum is sure to get up all the fur and debris on the carpet.

6. Confine Your Pets to One Place 

One way to extend the life of your carpet is by confining your pets to one area of your house. If you have a rambunctious pet keeping them out of a carpeted area when you can’t watch them may be a good solution to prevent dirt build up and over all damage to the carpet. 

7. Watch What Your Pet Eats 

Lots of pet food today have artificial ingredients and colors that can stain your carpets. Try to get food that does not have added coloring so that if it does get near your carpet it doesn’t leave any hard to clean stains. 

8. Hire a Carpet Cleaning Service

It’s always good to have your carpet cleaned professionally on a yearly basis, but with pets your carpets can see any increase in traffic and debris build up. With regular cleanings, your carpet will last longer and look better. This will help remove all those deep inset stains and keep your carpet smelling fresh. 


It may seem like a daunting task to keep your carpets clean when you have pets, but with a few preventative measures your carpet will stay clean and last longer!